Sunflare + backlighting are two of my all-time favorite things.  I just think creatively using light can take an ordinary image and make it something much more special + unique.  On the one day/night this week when I could actually carve out some time to shoot, it rained.  Torrential downpours, thunder storms, flooding… not a lot of sun.  But the minute the sun peeked through the trees in the backyard between rain storms, I ran outside to try and catch it.  I don’t know why I chose this image to share.  I had others that were actually in focus, but I really liked the color and light in this one.  I also sort of liked how abstract this image is.  It was the most interesting image of the bunch so here you go!

Now please go check out San Antonio Pet Photographer Scott Robinson‘s take on this week’s theme.  Happy Friday!