As I so enthusiastically posted a few weeks ago, I was accepted into the Beautiful Beasties Network – a forum exclusively for pet photographers.  One of the best things about this forum so far is that I’ve been lucky enough to “meet” some amazing pet photographers from across the US and around the world!  There is so much talent in this forum, it’s truly awe-inspiring.  I love seeing everyone’s work and being able to ask questions to those more experienced pet photographers who have been there and done that.  There are such great ideas and discussions on BBN… it’s really such a great resource for someone like me.

There is a group of us in the forum who decided to take on a 52 Project.  Even though we’re starting a little late in the year, we figure it’s better late than never!  For those who don’t know what a 52 Project is, basically each week we have a theme to focus our photography on.  It is our job to interpret that theme through our photography, and on Friday morning of each week, we will all post our image(s) and explain a little about our interpretation on our blog.  We will provide a link in our blog post to another member of the 52 Project group – this way, you can click through each members’ post and return to the place where you started.  By doing so, you’ll be able to see some really talented photographers and their creative interpretations of the week’s common theme.

This week’s theme was shadows.  I had so many ideas running through my head and took many different photos throughout the week.  When it came down to it, my favorite shadow images were the ones below featuring Diego, our outdoor cat.  These were taken towards the beginning of the week and made the cut – I just love the straight lines of the shadows paired with his jet black fur.  I couldn’t pick just one favorite, so I’m posting 3 of my favorites.

undefinedundefinedundefinedNow please check out Chelmsford, Massachusett’s pet photographer Melissa “Blue” Amrich’s interpretation of shadows.  You won’t be disappointed!  And please be sure to check back next Friday morning to see what theme we’ll be tackling next.