Although my first love will always be pet photography, this past fall I decided to push the boundaries, step outside my comfort zone and stretch my creativity into another area of photography that I’ve always loved… wedding photography.  Honestly, I’ve always had an itch to try it out – what could be more fun + challenging than trying to document a couples’ special day?!  However, I am so comfortable working with pets, I wasn’t sure I’d really like working with people as much – and I also wasn’t sure I’d be any good at it!  After my good friend and fellow photographer Brittani Bowling posted photos from her first wedding, I finally gathered the courage to take the leap myself.  I asked Teri Pozniak of tPoz Photography if she’d be willing to allow me to assist her.  I felt comfortable asking her since she works along side me photographing adoptable dogs at BARCS.  Long story short, Teri graciously allowed me to tag along, watch her work, see the whole wedding day process… and actually shoot!  I had a great time and I loved being a part of something so beautiful.  Thank you, Teri, for giving me this opportunity and allowing me to ask you a billion questions and pick your brain about wedding photography.  It means so much to me.

So without further ado, here are some of my favorite images from my first wedding photography experience – Annemarie + Jeremy’s early October wedding day.  It was a gorgeous day from beginning to end, with personal touches throughout the ceremony and reception.  We started the day at Annemarie’s family home where she and her girls were getting ready.  As soon as we walked in the front door, you could just feel the energy and excitement.  Annemarie seriously couldn’t stop smiling and you could just tell she was ready to become Mrs. Jeremy Herbert.  The ceremony took place at The Basilica in Baltimore City, which is a gorgeous church full of natural light.  Absolutely stunning.  Afterwards, the bridal party headed to Federal Hill Park for some photographs, using the cityscape as a gorgeous backdrop.  The reception took place at Preston Hall, where Annemarie and Jeremy’s friends and family danced the night away.  You could genuinely feel the love in the air throughout the entire day.  I learned so much from this first amazing experience and I am so excited to get more experience under my belt as I develop my personal wedding photography style.  Thank you Teri, Annemarie + Jeremy for letting me be a part of this special day.