UPDATE #3:  Gaga was adopted!

UPDATE #2: Nene and Bonita (the grey one) were adopted!  Sweet Pepper and Yogurt have found foster homes but are still searching for their forever homes.

UPDATE: Smiley, Juju, Bonita (the black+white one), Jamie, Druid, Chi Chi Smokey, Mork, Lou, Blue Bell, and Filipe have all been adopted!  Sandy (the black one) and Kita have found foster homes, but are still waiting for their forever home.  Hugs to the wonderful staff and volunteers at BARCS for all the hard work they do on a daily basis to advocate for these dogs.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the rest of these dogs find their happy ending.

Since I was away at the beach this weekend and unable to photograph any new adoptable dogs at BARCS, I thought I would re-post a bunch of photos of dogs that are still waiting for their forever home as we speak.  I have had the pleasure of meeting and photographing a ton of dogs at BARCS so far this year and although I get so excited and happy when I hear that someone has been adopted, there are still so many dogs that are just waiting their turn to go home.  So, please let me re-introduce you to a bunch of really great dogs that are waiting on a foster home or a forever home – either one would be great.  They aren’t picky!  They just want to be somewhere safe with someone who can love on them 24/7!


Most of these dogs participate in play group and get along well with other dogs.  To read more about BARCS play group, please click HERE.  It is really a great program that is making a huge difference in the lives of the dogs at BARCS.  Some of these dogs are also good with cats, but you should call BARCS if you have specific questions about a dog since they know their history and behavior best.

A bunch of these dogs have been at BARCS for a very long time and they would just love to find the forever home (or a safe foster home).  Sandy has been at BARCS the longest out of all the dogs – since January 2011!  She is so sweet, does great in play group, loves other dogs, walks, and treats.  She is ready to be taken home.  Others that have been at BARCS long-term (over a month) are Petunia, Finn, Cavan, Lo, Amelia, Nene, Mork, Coco, and Vespa.  These are all play group participants who get along with other dogs and they are all so sweet.  Let’s try our best to find them a foster home or a forever home – they deserve to be safe!

If you are interested in a specific dog, please don’t hesitate to call BARCS at 410.396.4695 or email them at info@baltimoreanimalshelter.org.  These dogs were all available as of last week.  However, since I was not at BARCS this past weekend to check the adoption board, some of these dogs may have already been adopted – or they may no longer be available.  Please call down there to see if your favorite is still waiting for you! 

The best thing you can do is go down to BARCS and visit with them – the dogs love meet and greets with potential adopters!  Let them show you just how special they are in person :)  BARCS is located at 301 Stockholm Street right behind Ravens Stadium in Baltimore City (zip code 21230).  They are open to the public Monday through Friday from 2pm to 6pm, Saturday + Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Please share this post with family and friends who may be interested.  All of these dogs would love a forever home, but a foster home would also be great!  The important thing is to get them out of the shelter and into a safe, loving environment where they can thrive.  Remember, when you foster a dog you are not just saving one life – but two!  The life of your new foster dog and the life of the dog that can now take their kennel at BARCS.  Fostering truly is a rewarding and fun experience, so if you’ve been thinking about opening your heart and home to a foster dog, now is a great time.  The dogs (and cats… sometimes I forget about them since I don’t work with them… but they are in the same boat) at BARCS really need your help.  For more information on becoming a BARCS foster parent, please click HERE.

Thank you on behalf of all the great dogs at BARCS!