Last night I went down to BARCS for about an hour – I like to call it a mini session – to get a few photos of the long-term dogs that I hadn’t had the chance to photograph yet.  These five dogs have been at BARCS for over a month or more and they are ready to go home!  All five of these dogs are in play group and get along well with other dogs.  They were a truly easy bunch of dogs to photograph and an absolute pleasure to meet.  Artsie was particularly charming as she rolled around the grass and just relished her belly rubs – such a funny girl.  They were all so well-behaved and perfect models for me! 

undefinedAs always, please share these images with any family or friends who may be interested in fostering or adopting one of these sweet dogs.  If you know of a rescue that has any room, that’s great too!  They are just waiting for someone to rescue them from the shelter and give them a safe, loving home.  Thank you.