Saturday morning I visited BARCS again and met 10 new adoptable dogs.  Before I was even able to get this blog post together, Nya was adopted on Sunday morning by the same wonderful family who adopted Juju a few weeks ago.  I was at BARCS on Sunday morning filling out a foster application, and I was so happy to see Juju come in again.  He looks great – healthy and happy.  You can just tell that he is so obviously loved by his family.  So of course, I am thrilled to know Nya will be going to a great home and that she will now have a fun-loving brother by her side.  She is just an amazing dog and I’m so happy that she found her forever home so quickly!  So please check out the other 9 dogs that are still waiting for their happy ending – Carlie, Alana, Nigel, Klinger, Halcyon, Kapone, Brownie, Daisy + Buttons.


This was another group of really wonderful dogs – I honestly haven’t met one dog at BARCS that has been anything short of amazing.  Every one of these featured adoptable dogs participates in play group and gets along well with other dogs.  They all have really great personalities and they are super cute on top of it all.  Please share this post with anyone you know that may be looking to add a fur-baby to their family or anyone you know who may be interested in fostering one of these dogs for BARCS.  Let’s get these pups into a safe, loving foster or forever home as soon as possible!