Saturday morning I spent over 5 hours at BARCS, walking and photographing dogs.  Brian was unable to come down with me so I was on my own, handling the dogs and trying my best to take photos at the same time.  I forgot how hard that is and I’ve got to give mad props to my photographer partner in crime Teri Pozniak who does her photos of the adoptables like this all the time!  A special thank you to Charlotte, Anita, Nancy and Denise for holding a few of the dogs for me… you guys rock!  Of course, I spent some time with my baby girl Presley first thing in the morning, snuggling and walking.  Then it was down to business.  I met two sets of adorable puppies on Saturday – the Polo puppies and the bonded pair of Stargazer + Queen Elizabeth.  The Polo puppies made me melt… as you all probably know I have a “thing” for the white faced pups.  Swoon!  They were just beyond adorable!  Two of the Polo pups were adopted Saturday… hooray!  The third and final Polo pup was adopted on Sunday, so they all found forever homes this weekend.  Stargazer and Queen Elizabeth were also adopted on Saturday… together!  I love when bonded pairs are adopted together.  It makes my heart warm.

All together, I met 19 new adoptable dogs available at BARCS.  I also photographed Omar, a BARCS alum who is living with a wonderful, amazing foster home and is currently available for adoption through another rescue.  I also took new photos of Star and Peaches & Cream since they were both loving life in the playgroup runs and I just couldn’t resist stepping in to play and take photos :)  So here you go… the adorable faces of BARCS!

Please share these precious faces with any friends and family members you know who might be thinking about adding a fur baby to their family.  Also, please share with any rescues you know that might have room to take any of these pups to safety.  As you can imagine, all of these pups would love to enjoy life outside of the shelter, so if you’ve been considering fostering, please do it!  It is beyond rewarding to know you are saving not just one life, but two!  There is nothing better than helping an unwanted dog have a second chance at a happy ending.  Thank you all and please share this post!