This past Sunday morning, Brian and I went down to BARCS.  I wanted Brian to come along to see what I’ve been up to and what has been such a large part of my life, especially recently.  I also wanted to see if Icould get more photos of some of their adoptables.  Unfortunately, the weather kept most of the dog walkers away so we were only able to photograph 2 dogs before calling it a morning.  However, I was thrilled to see Hayward out in one of the pens playing with another BARCS dog.  One of the trainers at BARCS organizes “play dates” where some of the well-behaved shelter dogs are able to get out for a while and play with other well-behaved dogs at BARCS.  They were having a blast rough-housing and Hayward looked so happy to be outside, running around with his buddy in the cold weather.  So it was really nice to see him having so much fun.

Here are the only 2 dogs I was able to photograph.  Gandhi is a young male who was an owner surrender because of landlord issues.  He came to BARCS on Saturday, just the day before I met him.  He was visibly upset and scared.  You can tell by the way his ears are laid flat against his head.  His tail was stuck between his legs and he was physically shaking.  It was so sad to see him because you could just tell his world had been flipped upside down in the past 24 hours.  He is a sweetheart.  He came over to me after I took his photos and just snuggled between my knees as I squatted down on the ground.  He even gave me some kisses!  Gandhi will make a most excellent pet for someone – I hope he is adopted quickly!

Nala is the second dog I photographed.  I didn’t get any information on her aside from her name.  Sorry the image isn’t that great – it was the only one I was able to snap before being asked by the trainer not to photograph dogs coming for their play date.  According to her info on their website, she has been at BARCS since mid-January.  She was very sweet and one of the dogs chosen to participate in the “play date” with Hayward, so she must be on good behavior!

Please share these photos with any rescues you know that may have room for these two great dogs or any friends/family that are looking for a new addition to their home.