On Sunday morning I spent a few hours walking and photographing some great pups at BARCS.  Once again, I was on my own – taking photos as I walked the pups.  I think I’m getting used to it now, but it’s still a lot less time efficient than having Brian with me to hold the pups.  These dogs were all so sweet (as always) and I hope they find their forever home soon.  Please say hello to the newest bunch of adoptable dogs – Jack, Brewster, Twinkle, Jack B. Nimble, Brim, Beautiful, Neaco, and King Cole.

Unfortunately, I found out Sunday night that Jack B. Nimble was euthanized before I even had the chance to post his photo online.  Rest in peace, sweet boy.  I only wish I had known today was your last day.  I would’ve given you more treats and more belly rubs.  You are loved and missed.  Jack B. Nimble’s tragic story is just one of many.  So many wonderful dogs face the same unspeakable fate every day.  We can make this better.  Please share these faces with anyone you know who may be interested in fostering or adopting.  BARCS is beyond full and dozens of great dogs are in danger each day.  The sheer quantity of dogs being brought into the shelter lately, whether owner surrenders or stray, is amazing.  Wake up, Baltimore!  Spay and neuter your pets, find better alternatives to simply dropping an animal off at the shelter, and spread the word about adoption to everyone you know.  There is just no space left and unfortunately, tough decisions have to be made.  None of these dogs should have to die because of space.  It’s just not fair.  So please do whatever you can – share this post, contact local rescues and ask them to help the dogs at BARCS, visit the shelter, become a volunteer, become a foster, adopt a dog or cat.  No one can do everything, but every one can do something.  Thank you!