I finally had the chance to complete my dog walking training at BARCS recently and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to help out doing that now.  I’m happy to let you know that some of the adoptables I met and photographed two weeks ago have been adopted – Hayward was adopted last week and Pinky’s adoption is currently pending!  How exciting?!  Since I had taken the day off on Monday this week, I decided to spend a few hours at BARCS walking the dogs.  BARCS is in desperate need of dog walkers during the week – there are so many dogs that need to go out, and if there aren’t enough volunteers to help out, some dogs aren’t taken out at all.  It’s so sad, since sometimes dogs can go a day or two without fresh air or going outside to go to the bathroom.  So when I had off on Monday, I knew I just had to get down there for a few hours to help out.  It was great.  The weather was AWESOME and the dogs were loving the fresh air and warm temperatures.  A few dogs that I met two weeks ago are still at BARCS – sweet Miss Coco is still there, so I made it a point to walk her first thing on Monday morning.  We took a good long walk, then sat by the water and she crawled in my lap.  Someone really needs to give this gentle girl a second chance.  She is just an all around amazing dog who just loves people. 

undefinedI also had the pleasure of walking and photographing 4 new dogs on Monday.  I wasn’t sure how well I’d be able to photograph the dogs on my own without another handler, but I think I made it work.  Please share these precious faces with any rescues you know of that may have room or any family/friends that may be looking for a new fur baby.  These dogs are all super fantastic and just want a warm bed to call their own.  They will love you forever if you give them the chance. undefinedundefined

All 4 of these dogs walked so well on a leash – I was pleasantly surprised.  I honestly don’t know how any of them ended up at BARCS – they were all so happy and fun-loving.  It was really nice to get them out in the nice, warm weather and watch them enjoy just being a dog for a few minutes of their day.  I hope it was the best 20-25 minutes of their day because I know my time spent at BARCS was definitely the highlight of my day!  I can’t wait to go back soon!