I spent another busy morning at BARCS on Saturday.  I had a goal of photographing the 13 dogs that are listed on the website with no picture in 2 hours.  Well, I made it!  I was happy to find out that two of the dogs on my list were either adopted out already or had an adoption pending – so I took a few extra photos for dogs that should be on the website soon.  In total, I got to photograph 14 new dogs in just under 2 hours… whew!  It was busy but so much fun.  My system is becoming a science and I’m so glad I can make the most of my time down there by photographing so many dogs in such a short amount of time.  So without further ado, meet the newest round of BARCS adoptables!

undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedAs always, please share these photos with anyone you know that may be looking for a furry family member to add to their home or any rescues you know of who may have room.  These dogs are all so playful and have such unique personalities.  I wish I could take them all home with me!