Since I’m on vacation this week and was unable to photograph any new adoptable dogs at BARCS, I wanted to dedicate a special post to the eleven dogs who have been at BARCS the longest and who have been oh-so-patiently waiting for their turn to go home.  Every single one of these dogs participates in play group and gets along well with other dogs.  They are all very friendly, smart, loyal… everything you could ask for in a best friend.  They are just waiting for someone to come along and rescue them – waiting for someone to show them what the good life is all about.  Please say hello to the resident long-term BARCS adoptable dogs:  Lupe, Pina, Roxy, Carlie, Klinger, Nigel, Sandy, Cavan, Finn, Lo + Coco!


Please share these precious faces with any friends or family members who may be thinking about adopting or fostering.  Also, please share these dogs with any rescues you may know of that have room.  These dogs have waited a long time for a family to call their own and it’s time we get them adopted!  Happy 4th of July to you all!