This week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Project was “strange behavior”.  Naturally, I chose Brady’s sleeping position since I think it’s so funny and definitely part of his laid back personality.  You see, when Brady sleeps, he sprawls out on his back with his one leg sticking straight up into the air.  It’s part of what makes Brady, Brady.  Despite his many quirks (which are mostly due to his medication for epilepsy)  he really is super mellow.  I constantly tell him that he’s a “surfer dog” at heart.  If he were a human, I could totally see him calling everyone “dude” and telling them to “chill out”.

Now please head on over to Liz Stabbert’s blog to see her take on this week’s theme.  Click through all the links and you’ll end up right back here where you started.  Be sure to check back next week to see what we’ll be working on!  Happy Friday!