This week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Project was repetition.  Thursday sure did sneak up on me this week – where did the time go?!  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do with this week’s theme and in the end, I kept coming back to this interpretation of repetition. 

As you all know, I currently have my second foster dog from BARCS named Karl.  He is adorable and it has taken a lot of structure and repetition to make him feel safe and comfortable in our home.  We’ve actually got him pretty reliably potty trained now – he holds it all day in his crate and hasn’t had an accident in a week!  We’ve been using a squirt bottle on him when he does something he shouldn’t, like jump up on the couch, or when he gets too rough playing with Camden.  He has learned that if we grab the squirt bottle, it means stop.  And he usually does stop before we even have to pull the trigger. 

When we first brought him home, he did NOT like being in the crate.  He successfully escaped from his crate twice while we were at work before we figured out how to secure him in there with no possible way of escaping (it involves a bungee cord, if you’re wondering).  Given his distaste for the crate, I think this last accomplishment is huge.  Through our morning routine and thoughtful repetition… we’ve now got him trained to go into his crate in the morning – on his own – with the help of a peanut butter and kibble-filled frozen Kong. 

Now please head on over to Karen Weiler of Posh Pets Photography‘s blog to see her take on this week’s theme.  Click through all the links and you’ll end up right back here where you started.  Please check back next week to see what we’ll be working on.  Happy Friday!