I’m baaaaack!  I had to skip out on last week’s Beautiful Beasties 52 project posting because time got away from me and I was unable to capture anything I felt was good enough to post.  However, I’m back this week and putting my own spin on this week’s theme: wild sightings.  The object of this week’s challenge was to capture an undomesticated animal out in the wild.  Now, in my mind, the image I wanted to grab was a beautiful shot of a deer in a field during sunset, blah blah blah.  Well, that didn’t happen.  The deer ran away and my lens wasn’t long enough to get anywhere close to them anyway.  Bummer.

Tuesday night I took a drive with the bubbas in hopes of finding something “wild”.  I came across a herd of cows and I couldn’t resist.  Now, I know they aren’t necessarily wild animals, but I thought this shot of the bull – who came right up to me – was pretty wild.

Now please head over and check out Photo Lab’s take on this week’s theme.  Click through all the links and you’ll end up right back here where you started.  Check back next week to see what we’ll be working on.  Happy Friday!