This week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Project was “breaking the rules”.  It got me to thinking about breaking the rules in a much broader sense, so excuse me while I go off on a little tangent…

I am not what I would consider a classical portrait photographer.  I’m not a photographer that necessarily relies on the technicalities of exposure and composition all the time.  I definitely don’t always follow the “rules” of photography.  Yes, I blow out my skies.  I shoot directly into the sun to create drama, haze and sun flare.  I don’t always compose my shots ‘correctly’ or follow the rule of thirds.  I shoot wide open and I shoot from the hip.  I play around with light, focus, blur, and funky angles.  In post processing, I do the same three basic things to every single photo and you know what?  I think it works for me.  I might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m totally okay with that.

First and foremost, I firmly believe in creating images that are appealing to you as an artist – images you love and that represent your talent and vision.  Because after all, you need to love what you’re doing and be proud of what you’re putting out there.  By creating images that appeal to me, I am ultimately going to attract clients that are similar to me, have similar artistic tastes, and that want to work with me based on my style.  To me, that’s more important than following the rules.  I want to create images that my clients love and if that means breaking the rules, so be it!  That’s the beautiful thing about art and I am a firm believer that rules are meant to be broken.

Now please head on over to Stephanie of Chase and Snap Pet Photography’s blog and see what rules she broke this week.  Happy Friday!