This week’s theme for my Beautiful Beastie’s 52 Project was impromptu photo session!  I was actually hoping to get over to our local “unofficial” dog park to catch some of the really awesome dogs that frequent there, but my schedule was kind of hectic this week and the weather didn’t exactly cooperate either.  So luckily, while I was on a mission looking for new places to shoot photo sessions, I stumbled across these 3 horses in a beautiful field of yellow buttercups.  (BTW I found a really cool new place for sessions that I hope to try out soon!)  I literally slammed on my brakes in the middle of the road – good thing no one was behind me!  I pulled over, grabbed my camera, and shot away.


It was one of those shoots that just makes you smile because it was completely unexpected and turned out beautifully.  The light was absolutely gorgeous and the horses were so curious and friendly.  I am pretty smitten with these photos and I can’t exactly explain why.  This was a really fun theme this week – right up my alley, since I regularly just drive around my area, on roads I’ve never been down, looking for breath-taking subjects and light.  I love it when I find something so beautifully unexpected.

Now please head on over to Cyndi Kuiper of Chickpea Photography Studio to check out her impromptu photo session from this week.  Click through all of the links and you’ll end up right back here where you started.  As always, please check back next week to see what we’ll be up to this week.  Happy Friday!