This week’s challenge for the Beautiful Beastie’s 52 Project was inspired by a poem called “Dogs in Our Lives” by Paul Fersen.  It goes:

We aren’t house proud.
If were, we wouldn’t abide the scratches on the door frame, the holes in the screen, the darkened shine of worn spots on the chair.
We would wince at the mottled carpet and fret at the hair clinging to our clothes.
We don’t.
If anything, we lovers of dogs are a tolerant lot, finding greater value in the unabashed affection of our friends than in immaculate sofas.
Shoes can be replaced, but heroic retrievers are timeless.
Without dogs, our houses are cold receptacles for things.
Dogs make a fire warmer with their curled presence.
They wake us, greet us, protect us, and ultimately carve a place in our hearts and our history.
On reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

So our challenge was to document how dog’s are a part of our lives without actually showing them in the images.  This immediately came to mind.

Step into our apartment and you’ll know almost immediately that we’re dog people.  There are blankets on the furniture, dogs toys strewn about, a dog crate in our bedroom (for Brady), and dog hair all over the place.  But you know what?  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  So what if I can’t wear anything black… ever.  I can’t imagine my life without my dogs and it’s a sacrifice I’m happy to make!

Now please go check out Kelly Ladouceur ‘s take on this week’s theme.  Happy Friday!