This week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Project was “from the hip”.  This was perfect, since I love using this technique and it’s something I’m striving to perfect while shooting completely manually and wide open.  It’s challenging but I love the results… and I’ve always loved a good challenge!  I especially like the look I get when shooting from the hip with my wide angle primes.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the phrase “shooting from the hip”, it basically means shooting without looking through the viewfinder of your camera.  Generally, the camera is held low to the ground, away from your face… some people call it “shooting blind” as well.  Whatever you want to call it, I just love incorporating this into every pet session I shoot and it’s something I practice a lot, just because of how challenging this technique is with my style of photography.

I captured this image on Monday when I took Camden out around Charleston to scout locations.  I’ll be sharing more images from our outing over the next few weeks so stay tuned!

Now please head on over to Ann Kearn’s blog to see her take on this week’s challenge.  Happy Friday!