This week’s theme for the Beautiful Beasties 52 Project was noses.  As soon as I saw Mogley while volunteering at the Charleston Animal Society this past weekend, I knew he just had to be my subject!  You see, there are two things I can’t resist when it comes to pibbles – white faces and freckled noses.  Put them together and I melt.  Check out the blog header if you don’t believe me!  That’s my first pibble foster pup, Yogurt, and to this day, that’s still one of my absolute favorite images.  That image holds a place in my heart and every time I see a white-faced, freckle-nosed pibble, I melt into a complete puddle of baby talk and belly rubs.  Well, I guess I do that with all pibbles.  And all dogs in general.  But I digress…

Mogley was your typical snuggle-butt pibble and wanted nothing more than to give me hugs and kisses.  Of course, who am I to say no?  (Like I ever would…)  But before the love fest ensued, I had to get his photo for the Charleston Animal Society‘s website and then I focused on his cute, freckled nose.  Swoon.

And I couldn’t help but include his outtake, too :)  Love when I catch a dog sticking it’s tongue out at me!  And you know what the best part is?  Mogley was adopted on Saturday!

So please go check out Posh Pets Photography’s Karen Weiler and see her take on this week’s theme!