Happy New Year!  To start off this year’s Beautiful Beasties 52 Project, our challenge this week was to introduce everyone to our pets.  Those of you that follow me are probably already familiar with Camden + Brady, aka “the bubbas”.  They are my most patient models.  Camden is the lighter one (top + bottom right images) and Brady is the darker one (top + bottom left images).  Camden is my baby – we raised him from puppyhood and he is such a mama’s boy.  Brady came to us through rescue and he has a very quirky personality.  I adore them both and can’t imagine my life without them.

Last weekend, we moved into our new apartment in Charleston and on Monday, we brought the dogs over to check it out before heading back to Maryland for my last week of work.  Across the street from us is a local high school and I was just drooling when I saw this cute courtyard with palm trees, benches, low walls, brick walls, a basketball hoop… so many cool things to incorporate into my images!  So of course I dragged both of them over there for a quick + dirty photo session :)  It was the middle of the afternoon, so the light was pretty harsh… but I think it worked out pretty well.

I’m already looking forward to exploring the city with them and finding new places to shoot.  A great location can turn a good photo into an AMAZING photo, so I’ve got high hopes for this year.  Please check back every Friday this year to see what we’ll be working on.  Now do yourself a favor and head on over to Hans Hallgren’s blog to meet his awesome pets!  You won’t be disappointed.