I’ll be honest.  One of the reasons I became a pet photographer was because of Jamie Pflughoeft.  She was one of the first full-time pet photographers I found online and her work just inspired me.  She is a true pioneer in the pet photography industry and I’m so thankful for all she has done to help other pet photographers throughout the world.  I attended her Passport pet photography workshop back in May 2011 and I learned SO much!  I credit her, as well as co-teacher Nichole, for really helping me understand what it takes to run a successful pet photography business.

Jamie created the Beautiful Beasties Network, a forum exclusively for pet photographers, which I’ve been a member of since February 2011.  This network was immensely helpful to me during my first year of business and although I don’t log in as much as I should, this is still a great place to get feedback and chat with fellow pet photographers.

In November 2011, Jamie started the Beautiful Beasties website and blog as a resource for all pet photographers.  It was a hit!  Unfortunately, Jamie had to shut the website and blog down earlier this year due to health issues + time constraints, which left a huge hole in the community.  Let’s be honest… everyone looks up to Jamie!! So when Jamie emailed me out of the blue last month, asking if I’d be at all interested in helping her re-launch the Beautiful Beasties website + blog, I was thrilled!

Along with fellow pet photographers Charlotte Reeves (who I adore) and Kira DeDecker (who I also adore), we will be helping to keep the Beautiful Beasties legacy alive and continue to provide the pet photography community with valuable content, educational resources, and anything else you can think of to help out our community!  Be sure to check into the website, blog + Facebook page often!  We hope to keep it pretty active :)