Another topic I often get asked about is blogging.  Should I do it?  What do I write about?  How often do I post?  Tons of questions about blogs.

First of all, if you don’t like to write, don’t start a blog.  No one ever said that blogging was a must for all photographers.  Some of us enjoy writing, some of us don’t.  For those of you who don’t actually enjoy writing or don’t intend on keeping up with a blog?  Do yourself a favor and don’t start one.  Why?  Well this is just my personal opinion, but I view blogging as a form of marketing.  It’s an opportunity for people to “get to know you” in a different capacity.  You write about your business on the blog, yes, but you also write about YOU and that is a very personal form of marketing.

Keeping people engaged and coming back to your blog takes consistency.  I know when I visit Jasmine Star’s blog or Katelyn James’ blog I can expect to find new content because they post something every.  single.  day.  Whether it’s a new session feature or a funny story from dinner the night before, it doesn’t matter to me.  They put themselves out there in a marketing effort, to get people to find out who is behind the camera.  They are educating potential clients and in the process, they are attracting the right kind of clients… you know, the ones who actually like them as a person AND a photographer!  Blogging is a simple and easy way to build your business and it definitely works.  But it’s not for everyone.

To really get the most out of blogging, you have to be consistent.  And by consistent, I don’t necessarily mean you need to post every single day.  If you post something every Monday, that’s consistent!  You just need to have some sort of pattern to your blogging so that followers will know when to check back in with you for new content.  You also have to be willing to put yourself out there.  You have to be willing to take risks and share yourself with the internet… and that’s a scary thought for most people.  I know there are a ton of really talented photographers out there who started their blogs with the best intentions, but now they lie dormant.  They are updating their blogs once every few months, if that.  That empty blog is doing absolutely nothing for them or their business.  In fact, it may even be hurting their business because potential clients don’t see any updated work or any indication that they even still take pictures for a living.

And that’s my point.  If you want to incorporate blogging into your business, great!  I personally think it’s a great tool and I love writing, so it was a no-brainer for me.  I post consistently.  Up until a few months ago, I was posting 4 times a week and now I blog every weekday.  My followers know that they can expect 5 new posts every week so they keep coming back… I hope!!!  I want my followers to get a glimpse into my life + personality, to read about the issues and things that matter to me personally.  There are more personal posts on the horizon.  Get ready, friends.  You’re in for a treat haha!  However, if you don’t think you can commit to blogging consistently or you don’t want to share a look into your personal life or you just honestly don’t like writing… then focus your energy elsewhere.  You don’t have to blog, no matter what anyone else says!

So another question I get is what should you write about?  My answer: anything and everything.  When you’re first starting out, you probably won’t have much to share in terms of sessions, so share your progress.  Did you go out and practice shooting in direct sunlight?  Share it!  Did you find a great location?  Take some shots of your own pet there and blog about it.  Show clients what you can do and share with them.  They want to know that you are educating yourself and getting better and better every day.  Tell them about your family, your pets, your favorite foods.  Give them a glimpse into your life away from the camera (and computer).  What else do you enjoy in your spare time?  Talk about the ups and downs of starting your business.  What has gone well and what have you learned?  Share that with your fans.  Not every blog follower is a potential client.  You may have family members who want to know how you’re doing personally.  You may have other photographers who would love to learn about that marketing thing you tried.  You may have other small business owners interested in partnering with you.  So make sure it is diversified and that you’re appealing to more than just potential clients.

All in all, blogging can be a really wonderful marketing tool for your business but it can also be a time-waster if you’re not using it correctly.  Before jumping into the blog world, sit down and decide if it’s the right fit for you, your business + your brand.  And if you decide to go for it, great!  Just remember, consistency is key.