In case you missed my first post on some of the best resources I’ve found as a self-taught photographer, click here to check it out!  As a follow up to that post, I wanted to take some time to talk about blogs.

Blogs are a wonderful tool for sharing information and experiences.  They can be inspirational, educational, and a source of really great information.  They are a wonderful marketing tool and a great way to connect with your clients and fans.  Below is a short list of some of my personal favorite photography blogs.  I am drawn to these blogs because the writers are open, honest, and completely candid with their readers.  They also genuinely love sharing information with their readers, which is great.  I am hoping to get to this point one day, where what I have to blog about can really help someone else on their journey as a photographer.  Baby steps…

Below are a few of my favorite blogs that keep me motivated and inspired:

Jasmine Star Blog – Jasmine is a super fabulous wedding photographer from the OC. I love her style and her use of natural light.  Totally inspiring.  Plus, she’s self-taught and has built an incredible business in only 5 short years.  Talk about a role model!  She shares so much of herself with the world, you can’t help but feel like you personally know her.  A few months ago, I attended her CreativeLIVE workshop online and I seriously feel like she could be my new BFF.  This is a wonderful blog filled with beautiful writing and stunning images.

Melissa Jill Blog – Melissa is another awesome wedding photographer from Phoenix, Arizona.  Her images are amazing and she uses light so well.  Her blog is great because she has a dedicated “for photographers” category where she features things like lens profiles and she also has a great series on using flash.  She is constantly evolving as a photographer, which I find really interesting to watch.  She pushes the boundaries and consistently finds new ways to document relationships and love.  I really find her images very inspiring.

Cowbelly Pet Photography Blog – This is the blog that started it all for me.  When I found Jamie’s blog, a little light bulb went off for me.  “What? I can photograph pets for a living?!”  I was lucky enough to attend Jamie’s Passport Pet Photography workshop in May and in real life, she is down-to-earth, funny, wicked smart, and immensely talented.  She also has a dedicated “for photographers” section on her blog and it is absolutely great.  She is just awesome and I love looking at her most recent work because she consistently finds new ways to document pets.  She is way beyond inspiring to me, especially since she is also self-taught and she has fought so hard to get where she is today.

Sarah Beth Photography Blog – I just love Sarah Beth’s studio work.  I love her seamless colorful backgrounds, the beautiful catch lights, the funny expressions and funky angles she captures.  Her on-location work is equally amazing and her Joy Session posts are always so emotional.  I cry every single time I read them.  She is another talented pet photographer who I look up to because she has carved her own path and created a style that is completely her own.

Laurence Kim Blog – I stumbled upon this blog through a forum thread and I was enthralled.  I read through so many of his posts the first time I went to his blog and I found it to be so informative.  He has a ton of different posts on many different topics, which is great.  It is a very interesting blog to read.

The Modern Tog Blog – This is an excellent blog that always has great articles pertaining to the business side of photography.  There are posts on everything from pricing and blogging to marketing and utilizing Facebook.  This is a very informative blog with a lot of valuable information, especially for those just starting out.

Photoshelter Blog – This blog has a ton of great posts on various topics such as post-processing, Photoshop, legal issues, and gear.  They also have really cool video interviews with different experts in the photography industry.  This is a wonderful general photography education site with a lot of great information for everyone.

Sarah Petty’s Joy Blog – This is an awesome blog with great articles about marketing for your small business.  As someone who struggles with marketing (I’m not a sales person, that’s for sure), I feel like there are so many great posts to read to help with every aspect of marketing from sales to pricing and beyond.

Of course, there are a TON of other blogs that I read on a semi-daily basis, but these are just a few that I think have really great information and that really helped me along as I was just starting out.  I hope you enjoy them and that you are able to find some great information for yourself in them!