I wanted to share one of the absolute BEST investments I have made for my business this year.  It’s a little thing called BlogStomp and it has made my life a thousand times easier.  I first heard about this app from another photographer and once I tried it, I was hooked.  For those of you who don’t know, preparing blog storyboards can be a long and tedious process.  Before BlogStomp, I was using blog storyboard templates and preparing everything in Photoshop.  It worked for me, but it also took a lot of time – especially when I was putting together storyboards of 30+ adoptable dogs and 70+ wedding images.  It was a time consuming process, but it was just something I thought was a necessary evil of wanting to share so many images on my blog.

Then along came BlogStomp!

This little app is such a time saver!  I cannot believe I went so long without it.  It’s super easy to use and allows you to create several customized styles, giving you multiple options for storyboards in one convenient place.  Here’s how it works.  This app will allow you to import high-res JPEG files directly to the app and upon import, BlogStomp will compress them for you automatically.  This is so that your storyboard files will not be humongous and take up a ton of space on your hard drive.  Upon upload, the images all appear in the column on the left of the app.

You can then choose which style you’d like to use for your storyboard.  I have created multiple styles for all sorts of different things including styles specifically sized for gallery images, standard blog boards, and even styles using different colors, sizes and styles of my logo.  If I’m in the middle of a storyboard design and decide I need to change the logo color from white to grey, it just takes one click to fix it!  A huge time saver.

You can only choose up to four images per storyboard, which took a little adjusting to since I was used to using 5+ images per storyboard before.  Now, I’ve totally gotten used to it.  You can choose your images, swap them out for different images, mix up the configuration and storyboard layout all with the press of a button.  It’s super simple and once you have the design you’d like, simply hit “Stomp It!” and it is saved out automatically for you in your Stomped! folder.  As images are used in the storyboards, they are deleted from the import section on the left… so you’ll always know which images have already been blogged.  Just another little thing that makes this app so great for a busy photographer.

BlogStomp costs only $49 and is available at http://blogstomponline.com/.  You are able to download a trial version of the app before buying, which sealed the deal for me.  Before BlogStomp, I seriously spent HOURS on storyboards for my first wedding blog post.  Hours!!  I downloaded BlogStomp and was able to completely re-do the storyboards for that post in 15 minutes.  It was incredible.  In a world where time is precious, this app is a must have for me.  I highly recommend this app to any photographer (or blogger) who wants to save themselves loads of time preparing photos for their blog.  It is simply awesome and I can’t rave about it enough.  Thank you BlogStomp, for helping me get my life back!