This weekend was busy, to say the least!  As I mentioned yesterday, I spent a good portion of the day at the Maryland SPCA’s grand opening of their new adoption center on Saturday.  It was amazing – the new adoption center is bright and clean.  The pens are made of plexi-glass, not wire, and the cat condos are just amazing!  So many people came out to check it out and quite a few dogs and cats found their forever homes, which made me really happy.  One little pitbull, in particular, stole my heart.  This little girl was a transfer from BARCS.  Her story is unknown, but there are obviously chemical burns on the top of her head (notice the four perfectly placed white lines??? Seriously, who does this??? Makes me ill…) and all down her back.  Poor thing.  Despite this, she was the most loving dog there!  At one point, she was snuggled on her bed with one of the volunteers, laying on top of him and in snuggle heaven.  It was adorable and I wanted to take her home so badly.  I wanted to take ALL of them home so badly.  But I didn’t and I’m sure they will find their forever home soon.  The SPCA does a great job of placing animals quickly.

This morning I had my second session with Haley and this time, it went much better than last week.  Note to self:  black dogs photograph MUCH better outdoors than they do inside.  She had a blast running around with her beloved soccer ball and chewing on her stick.  She’s such a happy girl.  So beautiful.

Then this afternoon, we took Camden and Brady over to my Dad’s house to run in the fields.  We were going to hike in the woods, but we heard gun shots and decided it was probably best to stay away from the woods.  At times, Camden’s white tail really could resemble that of a deer.  We didn’t want to take any chances, so the field was good enough.  They had so much fun, at the end of the afternoon, they were both pooped.  Especially Brady.