Even after 2 1/2 years of photographing pets, I still get butterflies in my stomach before each session.  It’s a combination of nerves, anticipation, and excitement and it’s something that I never want to fade away.  Because to me, having those feelings means that I am still driven to achieve perfection with each session.  I’m excited to meet my clients and work with them.  I’m still inspired to create personal art for them and not just falling into the same old routine.

Each session is unique to me.  It’s a chance for me to capture the true personality of my clients’ pet(s) and create images that will be treasured forever.  I never try to replicate a previous session or do the same thing twice.  I’m constantly looking for new places, great light, and other elements needed to create a unique look for each session – all while keeping some things consistent – like my use of light, vibrant colors, and the happy faces of my clients’ pets.

I love being a pet photographer.  I love connecting with my clients because love their pets as much as I love my own.  We always have so much fun together and I’m constantly learning new things on the job.  So those butterflies?  I don’t really mind them at all.  They keep me going and I can’t imagine a day when I don’t feel that excitement + anticipation before a session.  And if/when I do, I’ll know it’s time to hang up the camera.

Stay tuned… more images of beautiful Brigels are coming to the blog next week!