Next up in my Gear Series is one of my absolute favorite lenses – the Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens.  This was the lens that completely changed everything for me and took my photography to the next level.  It allowed me to see things differently and create not just memories, but beautiful works of art.  This lens was instrumental in helping me define my style and brand and I cannot say enough good things about this lens.  I absolutely LOVE it!

As the single fastest lens I had in my bag for over a year, I came to rely heavily on this lens and it never disappointed.  I used it almost exclusively with all of my BARCS adoptable dog photography throughout the year and since it was light and fast, it was on my camera body about 95% of the time.  The focal length on my full frame camera was absolutely perfect for me and I just adored the look of the images I shot with this lens wide open.  The colors, shallow depth of field and sharpness are amazing and my love affair with prime lenses started with this one.

Below are some of my absolute favorite images taken with this lens so far.  It was hard to narrow it down since I have taken SO many wonderful images with this lens.  I think the bokeh, color, and sharpness that I am able to get with this lens is out of this world, especially considering the price of this lens.  It’s actually the most inexpensive lens that I own… but it’s probably my favorite and it’s definitely my go-to lens when I need something versatile and reliable.