This bad boy is a lens that I researched heavily before buying.  This was the second L-series lens that I ever purchased and because I had a completely different shooting style early in my business, this seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  Plus, I kinda knew in the back of my mind that I wanted to shoot weddings and this is a must-have for that.  When I first started my pet photography business, I loved hanging back and using a telephoto lens to capture my subjects.  As my shooting style has evolved, my use for this lens during pet sessions has greatly diminished.  I’ll be honest – this lens very rarely leaves my bag for pet sessions.  Don’t get me wrong – I love this lens.  It’s a great telephoto zoom lens and I actually use it a lot when I’m shooting weddings.  It does an awesome job of isolating the subject from the background and when I do get in a situation where I need that added reach, this lens is clutch.

For a zoom lens, you can’t get much better than this one.  The fixed f/2.8 aperture creates creamy bokeh and the lens is extremely sharp for a zoom.  This lens is very heavy – 3 1/4 lbs all by itself!  The weight took some getting used to at first – it seriously feels like you’re carrying a brick attached to your camera – but my lens lineup wouldn’t be complete without it.

Below are a few of my favorite images taken with this lens.  Since I don’t use it much for pet photography, I didn’t have a ton of images to choose from so I threw in some wedding images taken with this lens as well.