Question:  How do you get two kids and a rabbit together for an Easter photo?  Wait.  There’s more.  The temperature outside is in the 30’s, the kids are freezing cold and want to go home, the rabbit is on the loose and likes hiding in the nearby bush, there are really bad shadows and lighting (that aren’t noticed by the photographer during the session… grrrrr), the autofocus on the photographer’s new camera isn’t cooperating, and the kids definitely don’t want to hold the rabbit because they are afraid he’ll scratch them.  Go.

Challenges aside, the K family was really great!  The girls were so cute in their Easter dresses – even though they were bundled in their parkas the entire time because it was so cold out.  To be honest, it’s kind of tough to convey that Easter-feel when it feels like it could snow at any minute (which it did, later that night).  And their Flemish Giant rabbit, Mac, was just so adorable.  He was loving the chopped apples and bananas I brought with me – it got him to sit still for a few precious moments!  I hope the K’s had as much fun as I did, even though it was freezing!

This session was a great learning experience for me.  I was in a funk yesterday after the session, before I started edits, because I was convinced that I sucked as a photographer.  I kept thinking to myself “what are you doing?  Really?  You call yourself a photographer?  These are horrible!”  I’m sure all photographers have those kinds of sessions every once in a while – even the best photographers.  I truly believe it’s all about how you recover from those “ehh” sessions and what you learn from them that is important.  I know I made some mistakes yesterday – but at the same time, I learned from those mistakes and I will use what I learned in the future.  Sometimes, making mistakes is the best way to learn and to push yourself to get better.  Here are a few from yesterday’s freezing cold session… enjoy!undefined