Who knew photographing a black lab would be such a challenge?  Well, probably many seasoned pet photographers… however, I greatly underestimated how difficult it would really be!  Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Haley, a one year old black lab.  What a cutie?!  I was smitten – however, my camera was not so happy.  Apparently, shooting animals with black fur is much more difficult than you would think – my camera just kept searching and searching for focus.  I was rather disappointed with the number of images I was able to capture that met my standard, but I guess that is bound to happen from time to time, considering I have really high expectations for myself and the images I want to produce.  It was a wonderful learning experience and now I know what to expect with black fur babies.  Here is a sneak peek of one of my favorite pictures from yesterday’s session.  I’ll be doing another mini session sometime this week with Haley, so we can get some more images of this gorgeous little girl!  I can’t wait, especially now that I know some secrets for getting great images even with all that beautiful black fur.