On Thursday, Brian and I took the bubbas on a road trip since we both had the day off from work.  Although the morning looked bleak and Brian had a major toothache, the day turned out to be beautiful and fun!  We drove down to the Eastern Shore and stopped in St. Michael’s, a quaint town on the Chesapeake Bay.  I was on a mission for photos of farms and fields for a friend’s farm-themed nursery, but of course, I couldn’t resist a few shots of the bubbas.  They had so much fun walking around town with us and checking out all the historic sites.  It was a fun family road trip – I love those kinds of trips and hopefully we’ll be able to plan another one soon!


In the last photo, you can almost hear them saying “Come on mom!  We’re tired… it’s time to go home and stop taking pictures of us!” :)