I recently received an email from an aspiring pet photographer, asking about how I created the customized tabs on my Facebook business page.  So I thought I’d put together a blog post, just in case any one else is wondering.

The switch over to the timeline format initially frustrated some people, including me, but there are a few things that are actually really cool.  One of them is the ability to create branded tabs on your Facebook page, which allows you to create “pages” within your Facebook page so that it can function almost like a website or blog.  I used two specific apps to create my tabs – Woobox and Involver.  I’ll discuss each of them below.

When I was creating tabs for my Facebook page, I thought about what I wanted to include on my Facebook page.  I knew I wanted to have a Welcome landing page, an About Me tab, and links to my blog, website + Twitter feeds.  I also decided to create a tab dedicated to the Bubbas, although now I realize I need to update that tab, along with my website + blog since Beckham came along!  Add it to the to-do list.

I used an app called Woobox to create static HTML pages for my Welcome, Meet Dana and Website tabs.  Simply create an account and allow the app to access your business page on Facebook.  From there, you can manage the tab settings, upload an image, link a URL, or even use HTML code on the tab.  I uploaded JPEG images that I created in Photoshop for the Welcome + Meet Dana tabs.  I linked to my website’s URL for the Website tab.  There are almost limitless opportunities within the Woobox app to create custom tabs with links, images, etc.

To create links to my RSS (blog) and Twitter feeds, I used an app called Involver.  Similar to Woobox, you create an account and allow the app to access your Facebook page.  Involver has a ton of options to choose from and you can also create static HTML tabs with this app, just like you could with Woobox.  I think it’s definitely worth playing around with both of these apps and seeing which ones work best for you and your Facebook page.

After I created the actual tabs via Woobox and Involver, I then created my custom branded tab images using photos + text that match my website branding.  I used Photoshop to do this.  The custom tab images are sized 111px wide by 74px tall.  After the custom tabs were complete in Photoshop, I saved them out as JPEG files and uploaded them to the corresponding tab.  It was really easy!

I hope this helps you understand how to create custom tabs on your Facebook page.  If you have any other resources you’d like to share, please leave a comment below!  I’d love to hear what is working for you!