Finn was another dog I photographed for the June/July cover story on disabled pets for Lowcountry Dog Magazine.  Finn is a 4 year old Foxhound Mix who was adopted about 2 years ago by his owner.  He was found alone in the woods with half of his hind leg missing – either from an animal trap or a possible birth defect.  No one is entirely sure.  The shelter staff fell in love with him and they ended up having to amputate his entire hind leg – but that certainly doesn’t stop him from living life to the fullest!  Finn is admittedly stubborn according to his mom, which is a common trait shared by every single one of the disabled dogs I photographed.  I guess being stubborn + perseverance go hand in hand, as every single one of these dogs has navigated life extremely well, despite these issues.  So please enjoy these photos of Finn at Hampton Park!