Frequently Asked Questions


What does the session include?    

  • on-location custom photography session for one [1] pet – additional pets from the same household can be added for $50 each (maximum of 4 pets)     
  • up to two locations of your choice   
  • digital darkroom editing of at least 30 images  
  • an exclusive sneak peek on my Facebook page
  • a 14-day online gallery for viewing your images
  • feature of your session posted on my blog
  • travel within 30 miles of 29403 zip code

Do you offer gift certificates?  Yes.  Gift certificates are available in any dollar amount for use towards the session or prints + products.  Gift certificates really do make a fun + unique gift for the pet lovers in your life!

Where do sessions take place?  The location of your session is completely up to you, although if you would like some suggestions, I’d be more than happy to help!  Choosing a beautiful or meaningful location is very important to the success of your session, so I always encourage my clients to really give this some serious thought.  The most important thing is that your pet is comfortable and safe, so we will work together to find the perfect place for your session.  Check out this blog post for some helpful tips on how to choose a great location for your session!

What if my dog needs to stay on a leash?  The safety of your pet is my number one priority.  If you have concerns about your dog being off-leash in an unfenced area filled with tempting distractions, it’s completely understandable that you would want to keep your pup on a leash… and in fact, I encourage it.  We can definitely make it work!  If you want or need to use a leash, I always carry a Flexi (retractable) leash with me that we can use.  The cords are thin and blend into the background much easier than traditional leashes, which makes editing them out during post-processing a little easier.  Once I work my magic in Photoshop, you’ll never even know it was there!  Don’t believe me?  Check out this before and after:

(C) Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015

Please note:  I will only remove the leash from images you are planning on purchasing, so the leashes will be seen in your gallery images.  Once you choose the images you want to purchase, I will go back and edit the leashes out.

My dog has a ton of energy and doesn’t sit still.  Is that an issue?  Although a well-trained dog makes life a little easier, it it not a prerequisite by any means.  The goal of lifestyle photography is to capture images of your pet being themselves – and if that means running around like a wild man, that’s what I’ll capture!  I’ve found that with patience – and sometimes a lot of playing/running around – we’ll eventually get the shots we’re looking for.  For those pups with seemingly boundless energy, I do suggest taking your dog for a good long walk (or run) before the session to work out some of the excess enthusiasm.

Do you shoot in black and white?  I shoot in digital format, so all of my sessions are shot in full color.  During post-processing, I am able to convert images to black and white.

Do you require a deposit?  Most of my clients pay the entire session fee upfront to get it out of the way and so we don’t have to worry about completing any financial transactions on the day of the session.  However, if you’d prefer to break it up into two payments, that is totally fine.  I do require a non-refundable retainer equal to 50% of the session fee to reserve your date and time.  Your session is not officially booked until I receive (at least) the retainer.  I currently accept payment via cash or check.

Do I need to sign a contract?  Yes.  My contract outlines the services I will be providing you and details many things, including my rights to the images that result from the session.  I also require that you sign a model/property release for you and your pet(s).  These documents must be signed prior to the start of your session.

What if I have to cancel?  I understand that things happen in life and you may find yourself needing to cancel a session.  Your retainer is non-refundable;  however, if you give me at least 24 hours notice of a cancellation, your deposit can be applied toward a future date and time if my schedule allows for a reschedule.

What if the weather is bad?  We will touch base throughout the week leading up to your session and if Mother Nature decides not to cooperate, we’ll work together to reschedule.

Can you do a session at my home?  Absolutely.  If you have a pet that doesn’t travel well, or that becomes shy or fearful in unfamiliar places, your home is probably the best option.  Since I shoot in natural light, we will look for places with a lot of that – as long as you have windows, big sliding glass doors and/or a safe + shady place outside to conduct the session, we’ll be absolutely fine!

How far will you travel?  Sessions include travel to any location within the Charleston area – specifically 30 miles from the 29403 zip code.  If you would like a session outside of that area, please contact me for specific travel availability and fees.  I love to travel and see new places, so please don’t hesitate to ask!

Do you have a studio?  Nope!  I specialize in natural light, lifestyle pet photography, which means my sessions are shot entirely on-location without the aid of lighting equipment.  I love working with the beautiful natural light and the gorgeous landscape here in Charleston.  There is no shortage of beautiful locations + light!

Do you offer payment plans?  I am more than happy to offer payment plans on sessions, as well as print + product orders.  If you’d like more information about these plans, please feel free to ask!

Can I be in the photos too?  Of course!  I love capturing the bond between a pet and its owner.  If you + your family would like to be in some of the photos with your pet, just let me know.  However, please keep in mind that I am a pet photographer and the focus will always be on your pets.  If you are looking for someone to do your family photos, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to refer you to some really wonderful family photographers in your area.

Do you shoot digital or film?  I shoot all digital with professional Canon equipment.

What should I do to prepare for the session?  I suggest grooming your pet prior to the session to ensure he or she is looking their best.  It doesn’t have to be a professional grooming at all – a good brushing is fine!  Also, as mentioned before, a good long walk (or run) before the session is suggested for those animals with a lot of energy.

What can I expect during the session?  During the session, you won’t have to do anything except have fun with your pet!  Do not worry about getting in my way – I will move around as needed to capture the best shots.  I may ask you to do something specific or help out by holding treats, throwing the ball, having your dog sit or do some tricks, etc.  We will work together as a team to make sure we are getting the types of images you desire.

Did you go to school for photography?  No, I actually went to school for business.  Photography was always just a hobby of mine until early 2011, when I decided to go for it and pursue my dream of becoming a pet photographer.  Up until then, I never actually thought I could do something like this for a living.  I’m extremely happy that I have a background in business because they say owning your own photography business is 80% business and 20% photography.  I am a self-taught photographer and I’m extremely proud of that!

How are you giving back?  I am a proud member of HeARTs Speak, an organization of artists dedicated to giving a voice to rescue and shelter animals through art.  Volunteering is one of the most rewarding and important parts of my life.  If you work with or know of a rescue group or shelter that would benefit from my services, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Still have questions?  Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have!