Fortunately, this Christmas was rather subdued for us which I’m really happy for.  We’ve spent the past few months living back at home with my dad + step mom, so luckily we didn’t have to do as much traveling for the holidays as we’ve had to do in the past.  Brian + I curled up on the couch and watched football all day on Christmas Eve – I’m pretty sure I didn’t even change out of my sweatpants at all that day.  Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Christmas morning we woke up and went over to Brian’s parent’s house for breakfast, which was delicious.  Then we went back to my dad’s house to open presents with my sister + brother and had an early dinner with my dad, step mom, sister Kelly, her boyfriend Steve, brother Andrew, and my mom.  Yup – it’s a tradition we’ve done every year for the past few Christmases and this year’s menu consisted of deep fried turkey with all the trimmings.  Delish.  After dinner, we went back to my mom’s house for “the after party” on Christmas night, where we spent time with Kelly, Steve, Andrew, his girlfriend Brittany + my mom.  We played Pictionary and Balderdash (which I won!) and had a great time laughing together.  That was my favorite part of the entire holiday.  Nothing incredibly exciting happened this year.  Usually I have some horror story or something great to brag about, but not this year – which I guess is a good thing!  The best gifts I received this year were from Brian + Andrew, who each bought me a gift card to B&H Photo… which I promptly used on Tuesday morning :)

I hope that your holidays were calm + relaxing, filled with family, friends + fond memories.  I hope that your new year is wonderful as well… 4 more days to go!