We all knew it was only a matter of time before it happened.  I’m surprised it took this long, actually.  Last Saturday, we came home from volunteering at the Charleston Animal Society with four extra feet.  Meet Little Black, our first foster pup here in Charleston!

While Brian and I were walking through the kennels to find the dogs we needed to photograph at the shelter, we passed this little dude’s cage.  It was just him, all alone, and he just whined and whined – didn’t bark, just whined.  I think that’s what won me over, aside from his complete adorableness (I don’t think that’s a word but whatever…)  We promised to come back and play with him when we were all done with the photos.  So after we finished with our work for the morning, we took him into one of the play rooms and fell in love… well at least I did.  Brian tried his best to resist.  We noticed he had hair missing on his back legs and a bunch of scabbed over sores on his back and butt.  And he itched like crazy.  We felt so sorry for this little guy, who was all alone in this big shelter.  Brian knew what was coming… and he said yes, we could foster him!

So we talked to some of the wonderful staff at Charleston Animal Society and found out that, yes, he needed a foster home!  So we did some paperwork, rounded up some medicine, toys, and food, and off we went into the rain.  Oh yes – there was a horrendous downpour last weekend and despite all that, this little guy did a great job potty training in the rain during his first 24 hours with us.

First order of business – an oatmeal bath.  He did not like that at all, but I got some super cute images from it :)  Most of the time, he just sleeps.  As he becomes more comfortable in our home, he’s testing the limits with the bubbas and trying to become “one of the guys” which is so funny to watch.  Camden isn’t really a fan of Little Black and will growl at him when he’s being obnoxious.  Little Black follows Brady around and snuggles with him like he’s his mom… but then the next minute, Little Black will be humping Brady’s leg.  Such a weird dynamic with those two.  Really funny though.

As for his name – we couldn’t figure out what to call him for the first 24 hours with us.  Nothing seemed right.  Then finally, while we sat on the couch with the little dude curled up next to us, it hit me.  Little Black.  You see, there was a very special dog at BARCS named Black and he still is on my mind every day.  Brian and I fell in love with him during the one awesome day we spent with him at an adoption event last fall.  He was so good – a super awesome dog that, unfortunately, didn’t make it.  I was devastated when I learned of Black’s fate and I still feel so much guilt because I couldn’t save him.  So Little Black seemed to be the perfect tribute to him and I think it fits this little guy quite nicely.  Of course, Little Black already has quite a few nicknames – Little Dude, Little Booger, Pup-pup, and Munchkin are just a few.  He’s so cute and it will be hard to let him go, but I can take comfort in knowing that for a few weeks he was able to start adapting to life in a home and that he was able to start healing properly… his skin is already looking better :)  Stay tuned for more photos of Little Black… I can’t seem to put the camera down around him!