Two weekends ago, I traveled back to Baltimore and had the pleasure of photographing three awesome rescue dogs named Jackson, Tiny + Chelsey.  I absolutely love working with clients who have rescued their pets.  There is just a special dynamic there that I can’t quite explain and I truly feel that the bond shared between a client + their rescued pets is extra special.

I had my fingers and toes crossed that the weather would cooperate during my trip and the weather did not disappoint.  The sun shined bright on this cool April morning, the perfect weather for a session.  We met at Tide Point near the Under Armour headquarters on the water downtown and it provided a beautiful and unique location for our session.  I love clients who think outside the box and want to do something a little funky + different.  It’s fun to do something unexpected sometimes.  We also traveled about a mile down the road to Fort McHenry towards the end of our session, to capture some images of the pups in the green grass.  It was the perfect combination of locations for this session.

I am happy to introduce these three pups to you.  Please meet Jackson, a 5-6 year old terrier mix with papillon ears;  Tiny, a 7-8 year old dachshund/terrier mix; and sweet Chelsey, the lady of the group, a (soon to be) 14 year old poodle.  Thanks for spending the morning with me, guys.  I had a blast!