My good friend Brittani of Britt Croft Photography asked me to second shoot Kristi + Michael’s wedding with her when I first moved to Charleston.  I was so excited to shoot along side of her because she is an amazing photographer and an even more amazing friend.  It shouldn’t have been any surprise that her clients would be just as amazing.

Kristi + Michael are the type people who you meet for the first time and feel like they are your long lost friends.  Souls mates in every sense of the word, they are deeply spiritual and seeing their faith play such a big role in their relationship + wedding day was inspiring.  They were married at Old Wide Awake Plantation in Hollywood, SC in mid-May and the day couldn’t have played out any better.  Storms threatened the area throughout the day, but it never actually rained.  Towards the end of the evening, there was a rainbow though so talk about good luck on your wedding day!  The love shared between Kristi + Michael is extremely special and I am so happy that I was able to help Brittani capture this beautiful day for her clients.

Thank you Brittani for having me along to help you.  I had so much fun!  Kristi + Michael, I wish you years of happiness and love together.  Thank you for making me feel so welcome and allowing me to play a small part in your special day.