I can’t even remember how many times we had to reschedule Kylie + Sassie’s session.  First it was too hot, then it was storming, then it was low tide… after months of juggling schedules, we were finally able to carve out some time to get together.  The session started off on a rocky foot as Sassie, the one year old Boykin Spaniel, decided she didn’t like me very much.  She cowered behind her mom’s legs and barked at me non-stop.  Since Sassie was barking, Kylie – a 9 year old Australian Shepherd mix – decided she was going to be scared of me too and hid under the kitchen table.  Awesome.

Luckily, I come prepared… Zuke’s Naturals treats to the rescue!

So, I sat on the floor, bribing the pups with treats and getting them used to my camera.  Snap.  Treat.  Snap.  Treat.  After a while, Kylie came around.  And slowly, so did Sassie.  By the end of the session, we were practically best buds.

Sassie’s parents live on Wadmalaw Island in a beautiful private community.  Their custom home has massive window walls that overlook the river out back.  Talk about a little slice of heaven.  We had a blast hanging around inside, then checking out the smells + sights out back.  The dogs were pooped by the time I left and so was I!  Enjoy a few of my favorites of Kylie + Sassie… and one of Pheobe, the kitty, who made a cameo at the end of our session.  Sorry for the abundance of black+white images at the beginning.  It’s usually not my style but I just LOVED the light, shadows + contrast going on inside the house.  So beautiful!