Let me just say that Lillie + Gruffers are two seriously lucky pups.  I could tell from the very first time I spoke with their mom that they were absolutely adored.  And talk about dedication… their mom traveled all the way down from Myrtle Beach to do a session with me in downtown Charleston!  After rescheduling a few times due to weather and health issues, we finally were able to meet up last weekend and we had a blast.

Lillie is a 6 year old black chow/retriever mix who is definitely the energetic + outgoing one of the two sisters.  She was rescued from a shelter and adopted as a puppy.  She is a complete mama’s girl as she was basically velcro-ed to my client’s side the entire session.  It was absolutely crystal clear how much she loves her mom.  It was so sweet.

Gruffers is a 7-8 year old golden retriever mix.  She was adopted from Daisy’s Place Retriever Rescue a few years ago and she has your typical laid back golden personality.  She was a total professional during our session and I think she started to rub off on Lillie towards the end :)  Gruffers did such a great job and I just love the images I got of her.

We had so much fun wandering through some of the back streets near Battery Park.  It was a beautiful, quiet Sunday morning and I couldn’t have asked for a better combination of weather, location + company.  Thank you guys for making the trek all the way down from Myrtle Beach!  It means so much to me that you were willing to drive that far just to work with me.  I had so much fun with you + hope to see you guys next time you’re down in the area!