I’m always on the look out for unique locations.  I am a firm believer that the right location can take an ordinary image and turn it into something extraordinary.  I’m also a huge fan of architecture and color, so I’m naturally drawn to graffiti walls because they just add a little grit and maybe even some swagger to a traditional pet portrait.  And I mean, come on… when you look at Camden, doesn’t his goofy face just scream street cred?  Maybe not, but there’s just something different + beautiful about locations like this.  It’s unconventional for sure, but beautiful in it’s own right.

Jamie Pflughoeft of Cowbelly Pet Photography started her Graffiti Dogs project back in 2008 and she gets complete credit for this concept.  I try to put my own unique spin on shooting in front of a graffiti wall and I’m currently working on an idea that will make it more “me” in the end.  However, since this was just a location scouting trip, I was just trying to get an idea for the location + areas where I could shoot.  I hope to return someday soon with a client to create one-of-a-kind images that are anything but traditional.  Enjoy!