On Sunday, we picked up our second foster dog from BARCS.  Knowing how desperate they are for foster homes, it was impossible for me to leave on Saturday after photos without committing to taking one of the dogs home with me.  At least for now, we have the room and we’ll make the time to help save lives.  I just could not bear the thought of any more dogs being put to sleep, knowing full well I could do something to help.  So we drove down Sunday morning, did the meet + greet with Karl and everything went great.  All of the dogs got along together, so Karl jumped in the car and came home with us!

Karl is a small 1 year old pit mix.  I’m not 100% sure what he’s mixed with, but he is small and stocky, built almost like an English Bulldog.  He’s only 43 pounds – the perfect sized dog.  I love his big blocky head and his laid back demeanor.  He was a little more nervous than Yogurt was when we brought her home, but he’s settling in nicely.  He doesn’t like being in his crate along during the day – he escaped from it on Monday and spent the day roaming free with Camden.  Surprisingly, he didn’t tear anything up!  Just chewed the heel of my flip flop a little bit and ate the treats that were stashed in my camera bag. 

We don’t exactly know what his back story is, but his paperwork said he was seized.  He cowers when you move your hands quickly which leads me to suspect that he may have been beaten.  He also was kind of scared of Brian (or any male, for that matter) at first, but he’s warming up to him now.  Poor thing.  Karl had been at BARCS since mid-June and when I met him to take his photos late last month, I knew he was special.  It’s his eyes.  I feel like I can see into his soul, the same way I did with Yogurt.  He reminds me a lot of her.  Karl participated in play group at BARCS and he’s really great with other dogs.  He loves Camden + Brady and they all play together nicely.  He’s definitely still very puppy – a little mouthy and a bundle of energy, but what can you expect from a one year old pup?  He’s a total love bug and I just adore him.  I’m sure you’ll be seeing much more of Karl over the next few weeks.  If you know anyone who is interested in adopting him, please let me know.  He’s definitely a cutie pie who deserves an awesome forever home!