I absolutely love interior decorating.  I’ve always loved it.  I could spend hours scouring antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets.  I could definitely spend thousands of dollars at great home stores like Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Home Goods, and West Elm.  I love reading DIY blogs and watching HGTV.  To me, personalizing your living space is so important because it is truly an extension of who you are.  Personally, I want every inch of my home to scream me.

This love of design includes a healthy obsession with beautiful, personalized wall art and this love has carried over into my photography business.  My goal is for every single one of my clients to walk away from our session with some beautiful pieces of custom art to display proudly on the walls in their homes.

So one of the things about wall art is that you can’t be afraid to go big.  Seriously.  There’s this saying: go BIG or go home.  This is so true!  It’s often intimidating for people to think about ordering something larger than an 8×10.  For some reason, it has been ingrained in our minds that an 8×10 print is “big”.  I beg to differ.  There is a reason why all of my prints 8×12 and smaller are categorized as gift prints.  They really aren’t big enough for a wall display, unless you want to pair them with something larger.

To illustrate my point, I decided to take some photos of my living room with various sized products on the wall.  I’m hoping this will serve as a visual aid for my clients to help them decide which size print or product they should order when the goal is a beautiful display of wall art.

First up is a mounted 8×12 gift print.  Alone, this looks absolutely ridiculous, don’t you think?  This might work if it were framed and paired with some other larger pieces of art on the wall.  However, this is a good illustration to show that gift prints are not ideal for showcasing your images.  You can barely even see it!

The second image is a 12×18 mounted wall print in a 12×18 custom Organic Bloom frame.  The custom designed frame gives the print much more substance and it looks like something that belongs on the wall.  I think this wall would look fabulous and balanced with three framed images of this size hanging proudly over the couch.  With Organic Bloom frames, you can mix and match frame styles and colors to create a visually stunning presentation of your favorite images.  Imagine that.

The third image is a 16×24 mounted wall print in a 16×24 custom Organic Bloom frame.  This is an even larger piece of wall art and looks good above the couch.  Now, I think if you added two square 16×16 framed prints on each side of this image, this wall would look amazing!  With customized, matching Organic Bloom frames, your wall will be one of a kind and extremely personalized.  That’s why I love these frames so much!

The last image is a 24×36 canvas gallery wrap.  This is what resides above our couch on a permanent basis here in our new apartment.  To be honest, I wish this canvas was a tad larger.  I think a 30×40 canvas would be perfect in this spot – or maybe adding two 12×24 vertical canvases on each side to create a custom canvas cluster… see how my mind wanders when I’m in my own little decorating world?  I love it!  For now, we’re working with what we have so this works at the moment – but I definitely plan on adding to this wall in the future.  I currently offer clients six pre-designed canvas clusters, which takes the guesswork out of interior decorating.  You figure out the wall space, we find a cluster that fills it up.  Easy as that.

As you can see, the size of the print, frame, and canvas can definitely make a huge difference.  I want my clients to have a beautiful wall display that is 100% customized and a reflection of who they are, so I will consult with each of my clients to make sure I fully understand the vision for their art before I even break out my camera.  I will gladly help my clients make this important decision by taking measurements, giving my personal recommendations, and drawing out visuals to make sure everything is absolutely perfect when it’s all said and done.  As you can see, custom wall art is really unique and will help personalize your space.  Your home will be the envy of all of your friends once they see your beautiful wall art, I promise!