I spent a lot of time this weekend finalizing my website.  I decided to go with an “all-in-one” website/blog with my Prophoto template because it was easier for me to manipulate it into what I envisioned for my overall brand than Dreamweaver was.  Maybe down the road I’ll find time to learn Dreamweaver better and create an independent website and blog, but for now, this works and will allow me to spend more time behind the lens building my portfolio.  Another upside?  My new laptop came and it’s much easier to work with than our old desktop.  So that should free up some time during image processing as well.  Happy day!

Speaking of building my portfolio, I have some upcoming shoots with Harley, Murray, Rascal, Bentley, Jacki, Uli, and several kitties within the next week or two.  So be on the look out for some new fuzzy faces to join the site soon.  And my interview with the SPCA is Wednesday so wish me luck.  Big stuff ahead… can’t wait to share!