Kelsey’s adorable white face immediately draws you in and before you know it, you’re cradling her face close to yours, giving her kisses on her snout.  That’s when the baby talk starts… you just can’t help it.  Her crooked smile and full-body wag give no indication of what she is battling.  Her expressive eyes hide the pain well.  Kelsey is a 10 year old Golden Retriever who is beloved by her family and everyone who knows her.  She is your typical Golden – following you from place to place, content to lay at your feet, constantly smiling, always begging for food.  Kelsey has been battling cancer for about a year now and her family knows the end is near.  The vet only gave her a few months to live when she was first diagnosed, but here she is a year later and she’s still fighting.  Through it all, her gentle spirit remains intact and she puts on her happy face every single day.  She might not move as fast as she used to, but she still has that sparkle in her eyes.  I am so honored to have captured some amazing images of her during our session and I hope they will always remind her family of this special girl and her unbreakable spirit.