Last Tuesday evening, I had the pleasure of meeting Rosie + Finn.  Their mom found me through the BARCS Facebook page and decided she wanted some images of her beloved rescue pups to cherish forever.  Both dogs are obviously well-loved and a huge part of the family.  They each had big old smiles on their faces for most of the session, despite the summer heat. 

Finn is a 1 1/2 year old Beagle/Italian Greyhound mix who was rescued from the Adams County SPCA in Gettysburg, PA.  He was seized as a young pup and brought to the SPCA, where his forever family found him and brought him home.  He loves to bark, chew bones, play with toys + doggy friends, catch bugs and dig holes in the backyard.  He was a natural in front of the camera, posing with his toys and hamming it up for the camera whenever I brought out the treats.  He is a super cool dog with an awesome personality.

Rosie’s story is a bit more traumatic.  Rosie is a 2-ish year old Black Lab mix who was rescued from the Wetzel County Animal Shelter in West Virginia.  She was saved by a good samaritan who was hunting in the woods and saw a man getting ready to drop a match on poor Rosie.  She was covered in kerosene.  She spent a few days at the shelter before being adopted by her forever family.  Despite that traumatic start to her life, Rosie loves to be loved.  She will sit in your lap if given the chance and will gladly roll over for belly rubs.  Rosie has a pair of the most beautiful, expressive eyes I’ve seen.  They are a gorgeous golden yellow color and they really are like a window into her soul.  Rosie is a total sweetheart and once she warmed up to me + the camera, she was happy to pose in exchange for treats :) 

Both Finn + Rosie are such happy pups… it was a pleasure photographing them and I hope you enjoy this sneak peek!