I joined a new photography forum last week called The Bloom Forum.  I’m so excited!  Recently, I’ve felt the need to branch out just a little bit from pet photography while I search for inspiration and begin to pinpoint my identity, style, and brand as a photographer.  Don’t get me wrong – I love pet photography.  However, I do see a ton of value in pushing myself to try other types of photography.  The creative side of me needs another outlet!  I wanted to network with photographers from all types of different genres as well as expand my own photography experiences by stepping outside my “comfort zone”.  So far, I’m loving it!

The Bloom Forum also has a 52 Project, which I joined (of course) – I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to push myself creatively outside of the pet photography world.  So you’ll be seeing two different 52 Project posts each Friday from now on!  One for the BBN 52 Project and one for The Bloom Forum 52 Project.  Yay!

This week’s theme was bokeh.  Swoon.  While I was out searching for cows this past Sunday, I was blown away by the beautiful evening light cast on the roadside flowers.  I pulled over several times to take photos.  It was a true personal moment, just for me… photographing things I just simply thought were beautiful.  I absolutely LOVE this image.  It’s my new favorite and I think it really just speaks to my style and the direction I want to take my photography.  It’s contrasty, vibrant, creamy, organic, and purely gorgeous.  At least to me.Now please head on over to the fabulous Catherine of Central Florida to see her take on bokeh.  Click through all of the links and you’ll end up right back here where you started!  Please check back next week to see what we’ll be up to this week.  Happy Friday!