I absolutely love the theme this week.  I’m all about letting go of perfection and finding beauty in something not technically perfect.  For my other 52 Project last year, we did something similar called ‘breaking the rules’ and I allowed me to reflect on my style and what makes me unique.  I love imperfection sometimes, which is weird since I’m such a perfectionist.  But sometimes imperfection is perfection.

So I decided to go the pet photo route this week because when I stumbled across this photo, I had to laugh.  This little dude is Norman, a wire haired dachshund who I met at the Charleston Animal Society where I volunteer my time to help homeless pets find their forever home by taking their photos for the website.  He was such a snuggler and just wanted to be constantly touching me.  I grabbed this shot of him between my legs and I just love it.  It’s far from perfect and wouldn’t be an image I’d choose to post on their website, but I think it is very moving and touching.

And the best news?  Norman was adopted before I could even upload his photos to the website when I got home.  Yay Norman!

Now please go check out Denean Melcher | Berks County Child and Family Photographer to see how she let go of perfect this week.  Happy Friday!