I love being a foster mom to pups in need.  It all started in 2008 when we started fostering for GoldHeart Golden Retriever.  Our first foster dog was Barley and I’ll never forget the day I drove out to Western Maryland to pick him up.  His owner had been incarcerated and he needed to be re-homed.  He had never been inside a house before and had calluses on his legs and elbows that indicated he slept on concrete.  He couldn’t navigate the stairs of our house – a lesson we learned the hard way.  He went up no problem, but the next morning Brian had to carry this 90 lb. dog down the stairs.  It was so funny.

I have so many great memories of my foster dogs.  Barley and his fear of stairs, Mack and his incessant humping problem, Addie and her sweet way of carrying stuffed toys around the house with her, Karl and his couch jumping antics, Presley and her snuggling addiction… and those are just a few of them.  Every single one holds a place in my heart and I have nothing but the fondest memories in helping them on their way to their forever home.

As you may or may not know, this week we took in our first Charleston foster pup – Little Black.  We’re already making memories with him and he’ll be yet another foster dog we look back on in a few years and smile.

Now please go check out Gretchen Ceranic | Central Florida Photographer‘s take on this week’s theme.  Happy Friday!